Naturally crafted paleta ice pops.


Artesana (are-teh-saa-nah) means artisan in Spanish. We follow the tradition of artisanal style Mexican paletas — but with a contemporary twist.

Our ice pops are made from scratch with fresh seasonal fruit at the peak of ripeness. All our products are crafted with only natural ingredients. We never use artificial colorings, flavorants or stabilizers.

The menu rotates with the seasons. We've perfected traditional flavors and created new ones by mixing and incorporating flavors from around the world. The result is an ever-changing mix of refreshing fruit-based flavors and creamy or yogurt delicacies.



(213) 995-6905


218 W 8th Street
Downtown LA


Store closed during the winter.

Wholesale, catering and delivery available year-round


Where to Buy

Artesana ice pops are available for sale at our pop-up paleteria in Downtown LA, for pick up at our production facility in South LA, through our mobile units at local festivals, community events, farmers markets, and for catering and wholesale.

Our Flavors

We are committed to making our ice pops with 100% fresh natural ingredients at the peak of flavor. Our menu rotates with the seasons. Therefore, most flavors are not available year round and are subject to change. Please call us to confirm current availability.


Fruity Ice Pops

Very Very Strawberry



Cantaloupe Melon




Spicy Pineappple

Sour Lemon

Sweet Corn

Red Prickly Pear


Spicy Mango



Chocolate-Covered Banana

Ponche (Mexican Fruit Punch)


Mango Remix





Tangy Tamarind

Frutti Di Bosco (Berry Medley)

Meyer Lemon


Creamy Ice Pops

Strawberry-Greek Yogurt & Vanilla Bean

Raspberry- Greek Yogurt & Vanilla Bean

Blackberry-Greek Yogurt & Vanilla Bean

Mango Lassi

Apricot Cream

Pumpkin Spice Pie

Spiced Hot Mocha

Arroz Con Leche

Dulce De Leche

Cajeta (Goat Milk Caramel)

Vietnamese Coffee

Masala Chai

Asian Pear & Ginger

Thai Tea

Green Tea


Banana Cream

Vanilla Bean

Persimon Cream

Rompope (Mexican-Style Egg Nog)


Got a new flavor idea? Share it with us and it could be featured on the menu.

Our Story

Ice pops, or paletas as they are known in Spanish, are the Mexican, natural, artisan counterpart to Popsicles® (an Unilever brand). Artesana founders Veronica and Aaron Camacho grew up eating these delicious natural frozen treats regularly. As adults in Los Angeles, the husband and wife duo had difficulty finding good paletas. Instead, the ice pops they found were mass-produced; made with artificial ingredients, powders and concentrates; sweetened with high fructose corn syrup; and loaded with artificial colors, preservatives, and stabilizers (yuck!) This sparked the idea of making their own paletas – simple, all-natural, ice pops.

What sets Artesana apart from other frozen treats is that all of our ice pops are made in small batches with fresh natural ingredients.

Our ice pop artisans take great pride in their craft. To them, cracking fresh coconuts, juicing citrus and opening vanilla bean pods is just part of the job and a key to Artesana's success. They use ice pops as an outlet to express their creativity and love for food. The eclectic and ever expanding list of flavors (currently over 50) includes delightful surprises such as Vietnamese Coffee inspired by Aaron’s travel through Vietnam or Spinach-Pineapple, created after Veronica’s habit of adding pineapple chunks to her salad. Other customer favorites are Grapefruit-Hibiscus, Spicy-Mango, Cucumber-Lime-Mint and Raspeberry-Greek Yogurt-Vanilla Bean.

The company started first as mobile carts at farmers markets, concerts and community events. They partnered with CicLAVia, the LA Times’ The Taste Food Festival, The Taste of Mexico Festival, Grand Performances, Fourth of July Block Party at Grand Park and China Town Summer Nights among many other local events. This provided an opportunity to test their product and receive customer feedback first hand. Now with their first store and a growing following, the ice pop artisans behind Artesana are aiming to take over downtown’s discerning palates.


  Veronica and Aaron Camacho


Veronica and Aaron Camacho



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